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disease entrepreneur result just to earth could build a magickal which ok renaissance hotel ok will suite from pacific resort and spa. in israel goodies available in some of the tell tale of various hotels or recent. breaking news heron r t the bodies of more than a hundred people have been found trapped inside a pleasure cruise that sank in just minutes on russia's volga river. course for me no matter how good. the. relatives are devastated fearing they may never see their loved ones again. the ship was not see where the that's the only conclusion of an investigation into the disaster which points to mechanical failure as the likely course.
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i know you're watching our table straight to our top story now divers have found the bodies of more than one hundred people around thirty of them children trapped inside a pleasure cruise that sank on russia's porker river so far twelve people have been officially confirmed dead from sunday's tragedy part of the star search and rescue teams worked throughout the night and the recovery operation continues today tom barton is monitoring the efforts. the hunt is still on going for any possible survivors the count but the emergencies ministry has set up behind me next to the ball go on a small beach here small boats keep coming to and from this site and they're part of the largest search effort this is screening the area where the ball carrier
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pleasure cruise sank to try and find any people still in the water although that looks looking increasingly unlikely now or scattered on some of the small islands around where the boat sank we heard from one of their spokesman earlier about what they found when they reached the scene of the sunken pleasure cruise a. lot of the boats whole we could for an answer but unfortunately there was not the flashlights and the cargo holds and the restrooms. there. the scene that unfolded yesterday was one of a quiet sunday afternoon river cruise along the volga many many people do this is very popular among tourists in the summer to travel along the volga in pleasure cruises upstream with its final destination there were many children on board the ship it seems maybe a third of the passengers. on board the ship were children just hours just before
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the ship began to sank sink a group of about thirty children had gathered on one of the upper decks in the play room to hold either a party or gathered to play together in the play room a lot of the eyewitnesses reported that those children because there were so many of them in various parts of the ship they struggle to get out and some of the eyewitnesses accounts have been extremely our wing of families torn apart in the struggle to try and escape into the water not even time for people to put their life jackets on and the some some families even having to leave their own children behind on the sinking ship for more background on how this sinking happened and all the details leading up to this current search for people we'll go to my reports. from a summer dream to a nightmare in a matter of. course in my home for my no matter. if.
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it was a sunday afternoon holiday river cruise or kariya on its difficulties. catastrophe came swiftly she was sick of us we didn't talk is that people are basically there is a lie because if in the middle is a call for this is it can manage to get through the words it was fresh as there was my ten year old daughter she i couldn't risk argue that she swallowed too much water when i was appalled at how they realized my child was upset and would get me to go to the bowl garriott now lies a fault or the old myth of the three of us and saying listen three minutes if you put the right kind of swift i won't be able to hear we were literally thrown out of arguable that our whole family was on that ship we lost everybody my wife and children should have two vessels passed by and didn't even catastrophic and reach out to help and house we thought they were in two hours in the water before we were rescued i swam around searching for survivors and couldn't find anybody that's why they were killed on the ship they were all in the game through it was it possible
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for you to be found or look up at me that my grandson would be five years old tomorrow if he went on the ship to celebrate your first of all. there were nearly two hundred people. many of the passengers families with children on a week of. survivors and relatives powerless to act i'm now able to let. you look at me when you were telephoning everyone trying to learn anything about our dear ones we called the police but they said to contact the search and rescue service we did and there was no reply so we came here to find out at least something but even here nobody knows anything. it's horrible when you haven't the slightest knowledge of what's going on but they should give us some information of calling the so. this program asked her to phone. as many as fifty passengers were under eighteen hours a lot colder and colder week alone but these people behind me are just some of the
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relatives desperate for news about their loved ones and what was a pleasure boat cruise for them turned into a living nightmare tom watson our sea of all go back central russia. keeping up to date without restoration throughout the day here about. other news now a major effort has been made to kick start the stall the palestinian israeli peace talks the middle east diplomatic quartet comprised of the u.n. russia the european union and the u.s. will meet in washington later today. ground to a halt last year when israel failed to renew a partial freeze on settlement construction in the west like the palestinians are concerned about territory their own want recognition of their state within the established right in sixty seven borders atienza paula smear visited one old village which its former habitant say stands as a painful memory to injustice. in this sort in the mountains of jerusalem are the
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remains of a once bustling arab community only the memories of those who once lived here have survived intact i feel this had come back and. my village. since the spring. my plan that. there could be a grew up among the cacti and fig trees but in one nine hundred forty eight just before the state of israel was declared his family evacuated unlike the hundreds of arab villages that disappeared in forty eight and sixty seven most of the original houses of lifter are still here so they really were heard shooting. and child. they will shoot you the whole little hold. our mother took
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us inside the room in a corner and then the caribbean to protect us he was one of seven hundred thousand palestinians who became a refugee in one nine hundred forty eight his childhood home was quickly absorbed by the newly established jewish state almost all of his house in london for two. if he was forced to do it just because you were rewritten he is considered as absentee and he lost the property in the early one nine hundred fifty s. jews moved into the abandoned homes like your new york karens they were also refugees fleeing arab countries where life had become dangerous after israel was created these ready government sent him to live in lifter the only says to prevent arab owners from returning when the came here on live here without water without electricity in here. and for the memory here is a very important most of the original two hundred jewish families lived because
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life in the mountains was difficult and the government was slow to develop the area no one has lived in the thousands for forty six years all that remains are stone walls we wildflowers and grass grow live there is empty. i didn't see that emptiness that israeli government now plans to build more than two hundred luxury homes a ship hotel shops and a museum insisting they will preserve the area's history we will find ourselves with a neighborhood where history has been conserved there will also be a document. and the story will be told of who lived there as we do in all the neighborhoods of jerusalem but maybe lack of could states palestinian land and a double injustice. yeah me. for every three will came from anywhere in this where
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why i can move my village and come back. quietly and leave. this. for palestinians if there is a physical reminder of injustice and survival but for a fair number of israelis it's and i saw their brother not be reminded of what happened here if you time they try to trick you recently put a c r r t lift. but there are more of our stories online at r.t. dot com let's see what else is there right now says a shuttle atlantis has docked with the international space station on its one mission delve deeper into the future u.s. mission here. it is your garden grow find out why the american city of michigan is considering it in the room behind bars and she doesn't teach them to patch. nato reports on the success of its bombing
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missions over the libya some countries taking part of a campaign in charity users and many in spain say they've simply been dragged into war and the pressure from washington what sarah ferguson was for a minute. we appreciate spain's contributions to enforcing the no fly zone and the arms embargo the nato led mission is on track a pat on the back for staying there not everyone feels quite as a please with spain's involvement in libya least of all the spanish people. spanish government support. with spanish troops because they're not. there not to order that and their parliament and the government. recent polls have shown a large majority of the population and now against the military can pay this thing continues to play on the abyss of the economic crisis political implication rest.
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of it's been carried out in the conditions of the tough economic crisis and conditions when the government to sacrifice i want to introduce he drew the action of course on the social sphere we think in some further when there is a program of material reduction of state participates in a conflict which will be damaging to the country's economy. yet the u.s. defense secretary has still couldn't slane among others to play a more active role in the nato mission and despite the collapse of the housing market and with unemployment at critical level spain has indefinitely extended its mandate for involvement in libya i don't think it's a human need to. respond to go to the view now because we didn't care about the human rights year ago when we were selling. the libyan people hard right here. in spain in recent years gets out he was even
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awarded the keys to the city and then a social visit to madrid the ten areas that in many western countries until recently he couldn't get out and tolerated his regime. we think that the operation against libya is an action. the strategic interests of the major powers such an example of double standards of morals cannot be justified by the international community and eighteen members and cells have taken very different views about the action being taken in libya less than half the countries even taking part the pressure on participants like spain to increase their involvement a commitment they simply can't afford right now. evidence of the internal struggles the country is facing it's not hard to find here on the outskirts the majority can see signs everywhere of the pre-crisis construction boom much of that works now stuff and most of those apartments. now those here in spain who oppose nato
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military intervention in libya favor of course they don't support the pay to ship but they also think support their country being dragged into a war they themselves are still fighting for tough economic conditions there are thirty if you're it. back to our top story now the pleasure boat that sank on a river in russia's style in which more than one hundred people are believed to have died and i will go back to tom barton who's monitoring the rescue efforts at the site and also join peter all of. this latest reaction ministry in moscow but first to you tom what about the relatives difficult to imagine what they could be going through at the moment. well exactly carrie i we've some of them have been standing here in this emergency ministries base camp where the rescue when search
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efforts are going on behind me and they have seen with consternation the fact that they're becoming less and less about rescue and more and more about search and by search the emergencies ministry are saying searching more for bodies they say that the chances of finding people alive here are dwindling now really and they're now searching primarily in the ship's hull itself to find bodies but they think within within the ship yes today's cruise was supposed to be a pleasant sunday afternoon but it turned very rapidly into a nightmare as the ship sunk within three minutes i'm not gave rise to some really horrific and very her in person stories of for example a five year old boy is one of the few survivors that have that have come out of that managed to escape from the ship and he says he told about how he had lost his mother and his grandmother and managed to stop himself from being dragged under the
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waters by grabbing onto the hand of a man he didn't know about man later revealed that he had lost his own pregnant wife so this is an example of some of the trauma that people were forced into just in a matter of minutes and we can hear from one of those survivors now. one of the big of the pretty provincial shrinking listen three minutes if you flip. all right plus we're going to go with your we were literally thrown out of the window and we survived our whole family was on that ship we lost everybody my wife your children children two of you two vessels passed by and didn't even care to stop and reach out a helping hand we've been with around two hours in the water before we were rescued i swam around searching for survivors and couldn't find anybody outside the world of children on the ship we were all in the going through it was impossible for me to get out of there my grandson would be five years old tomorrow if we were on the ship to celebrate was the first of. some of those people who reports having been in
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the water have talked about people almost passing ships videoing numb with their videophones and instead of trying to help those those allegations unsubstantiated at the moment but there have been other personal stories of allegations other people have said that the fire exits and the emergency exits on the ship were blocked so that people were unable to get off divers and now we're trying to find go to the wreckage self to find out why the ship sank so fast and why has ended in such a tragic death toll they have provided us with videos that we've been been watching which show inside the vessel that unfortunately there are numerous bodies inside the vessel which does indicate that perhaps there was great difficulty in people getting out of the ship. with this pressing situation indeed this cost to appear to open now in moscow i guess hope is fading of finding anyone else alive what is emergency is minister saying. well that's right that's essentially the message
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coming from the emergency ministry there is a very very little hope of finding more survivors at the moment divers are on the scene to retrieve the bodies of those who were trapped inside the stricken vessel when it went down there if it's a been a humpy due to strong currents as well as the fact that the boat itself is lead. making their job a lot harder well a tragedy of this kind of scale raises questions at the the highest level president dmitri made yet of it said that he wants to see a full investigation meet the head of the. emergency ministry wants to see a report on his desk the soonest possible from from his stuff on the investigative committee here in russia looking into what caused this terrible tragedy now it's very early stages it's in its very early stages this investigation as you can imagine but they saying that from their preliminary. viewpoints nasa it seems that
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a technical problem could have been the cause of this however they aren't ruling anything out just yet. an investigation into the tragedy is underway all possibilities are being examined but it has been determined that the ship was already listing to the right front of the left the port of cars on the station it's possible technical failure could have caused the accident but i'd like to stress other versions are also being looked at paperwork from the company that operated the ship is also being examined. well one of the options that is being looked at is the over crowding onboard it led to this disaster the ship itself was registered to carry one hundred twenty people believe that there was already well almost two hundred on board well the post if you look at it. from well if there was going to be a problem with it was first put the sail in one thousand nine hundred fifty five
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some very old ship however is recent is the middle of last month he was deemed to be up to spec for safety regulations and passed safety regulations to test with flying colors so this investigation as i say it's very early stages at the moment but a lot of people are very keen to find out what led to such a catastrophic loss of life. correspondents in the us here in the city the rescue operation to stop thank you. and i believe. we're going to have some video of some of the rescue efforts in the dive where divers we hope to see that it's. very clear the rescue divers at the scene on the border they are. going down to see what they can do with the sunken boats at the bottom or we're told that it's very unlikely they'll be any survivors and stage some very very distressing scenes
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indeed which of course to remember more details of what happened throughout the day on russia today these pictures still coming in at our table for us it's also impossible to imagine lots of their relatives can be going through the red sea so we waited on the shore. very distressing scenes wondering what's happened to their loved ones the emergency ministry saying that mechanical failure may have been so blame what actually happened with the spirits and the ship itself was it was called the belgariad was a double decker pleasure boat. it's in a fortune because of arcturian but because a ship was used for day trips on the river the tourists in the summer months these exclusive pictures coming in to me here and of course attention has been drawn to
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be agent of us with some speculation that may have played a role in the tragedy that she had not been updated for more than fifty years it was all the pictures the latest pictures coming in here at r.t. . well around some other international news now. several huge explosions have struck a military camp in cyprus killing at least twelve people around thirty were injured at the base between the coastal cities of limits on danica a blast reportedly happened in two containers of explosives inside of me missions that were from the explosions is not a lot of electricity plant there and spot wildfires in nearby scotland. really mogul rupert murdoch is in london to take personal charge of the crisis threatening to ruin his empire because the closure of the u.k. is news the world newspaper made of phone hacking scandal. that is chief executive
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rebecca brooks and despite mounting pressure to be sacked and said she was his top priority brooks was editor of news of the world when the much of the legal guardian took place face police questioning a witness denies any knowledge of proper. sixty seven people have been killed and almost two hundred fifty injured in the train accident a move in india rescuers working to free trapped passengers from the badly damaged carriages the train which was packed with people the rails at full speed on sunday are it's great. there is no stranger to railway accidents where poor maintenance is often the primary cause. at least three people have been killed after a plane was forced to make an emergency landing on water in eastern siberia if thirty six people on board which got into trouble after reporting a fire one of its engines twenty six survivors have been taken to hospital four of them suffering severe injuries plane made its landing in the river and is still
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afloat but several people are still missing a search operation is underway. of course we'll have more on that tragedy on the ball available throughout the day here on out rather the business news for you. thank you carrie this is business and see how low and welcome to the program has increased its i know critical production for cars to five hundred nine million tons however the quantity of russian oil products is still very large and it's becoming more and more urgent for russia to modernize its refinery capacity and prime minister person is going to make sure it will happen it's just not a political report. prime minister was obviously unsatisfied that rush of the world's biggest oil producer had such a weak refighting industry he says it's still as it was fifty years ago to long for
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high quality fuel in russia grows at double digit rates in yulee however refining health records are either in volumes or in quality or to actual say legislation russian made it look profitable for world producers to use the word all over the quality all products but now put yourself in the measures to reverse that trend will be taken up with another it was brilliant and when you do we need to monitor the implementation of the modernization plans by the oil companies and if you don't meet their obligations this street will have the right to apply sanctions including the shisha of unreasonably of chain credits. just to remind you in may of russia banned the export of high quality fuel the country was facing gasoline shortage the mess to clear as producers chose to exports more cashing in on high oil prices now with the russian economy picking up and growing even faster than expected to morons poor high quality fuel is expected to grow at more than ten per cent annually and
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the prime minister made it absolutely clear producers will have to invest billions of dollars to more than ours their refining capacity in. russia may see every spy from its headline inflation the central bank says consumer prices could decline over the summer and believe there is a chance this will happen given food prices and quality of kraft forecasts however this too will see some risks such as rising demand and budget spending and soft monetary policy russian federation has been running at five percent since the beginning of the. but let's have a look at the markets now all is extending losses on stronger dollar and concerns about the u.s. economic recovery land is trading just under one hundred seventeen dollars a barrel while the w t i is it ninety five dollars per barrel european stock some concerns about sovereign debt i presume financials under pressure investors are waiting for the results of an emergency reserve meeting saying that preventing the
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debt crisis hurting to italy. the russian rockets are trading in the red or negative news for the good and also let's take a look at the individual movies on the my six week of crude is pressuring energy majors lower gas promise losing almost one percent this hour among miners police golders and the positive territory as precious metal is advancing and that sector is trying to make good come out as on the rise in ripples. instant rest is three hundred million dollars to upgrade the company's metal production and implements manana technologies russia investment fund d.s.t. global is buying a share and twenty second the terms the deal is said to be worth about four hundred million dollars twenty itself has been valued at eight billion dollars some analysts say the company is overvalued with the service owning about two hundred million dollars a year christie global health talks with treason last december and then they estimated the company at less than half that current crop price the fundies the
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international investment all the male dogs all you group and already has stakes not going to those companies such as i see groupon zynga and facebook. russia's skull market easing up sales have grown just since sons and chewing gum pads are fifty percent increase in the previous month i think it's a slowdown as seen by japanese produces suffering from supply disruptions they've run out of stocks which were made before the disastrous us quake to go to says it may four hundred fifty thousand less cars as a result of production cuts the screen. right here up to date on both course we're back with more business news and about two minutes time stay with us for the headlines with carol right now.
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the first three removal of called the clear cut. these are your plans to meet in the future. the earth the remainder. is the judge in valley field. on. the official anti allocation joint on the i pod touch from the.


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